As a non-profit organization, TIDC thrives on the support of the communities we serve and the audiences we inspire.

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Government and Foundations

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council.

Individual Giving

January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021

$500 and above

Phil & Marsha Dowd
Pamela Crutchfield
Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner
Paul & Bea Sebastian
Gene & Tricia Murtha
Megan Goldish
Emily Fowler
Peter Dwyer
Mary Ellen Johnston
William Ahern

Ann Nash
Shannan Bunting
Joyce Chelberg
Colleen Reppen Shiel
Kim & Steve Niewiedzial
Brian Bailey
Nicole Murray
Jeremiah Sheehy
William Ziemann
Agnes Howard

Mary Santarelli
Randy Peters
Tim Masbruch
Kevin McGirr
Seamus Gorman
Sally Zale
Stephanie & Art Hoy
Yvonne Orr-El
Denise Hagerty

Meghan Adams
Greg Agee
Michael Albrow
John Ambrose
Jackie Bauer
Sue Beckman
Marie Beckman
Rory Beglane
Melissa Boelens
Donna Brady
Michael Brady
Jennifer Brezina
Judy and Wayne Bruch
Tonya Bruch
Mario Caruso
Delores Caruso
Maria Cazarez
Concetta Ceriello
Lisa Clark
Jerry Cleary
Colleen Cleary
Elizabeth Clinton
Michael Conway
Elizabeth Couto
Sean Curran
Caitlin Cutsinger
Kevin Daughtry
Jennifer Dewing
Rayna Donovan
Mairin Donovan
Cassandra Doughty
The Doughty Family
Catherine Doyle
Siobhan Dunne
Flo Dyson
Mary Dzedzic
Allison Eadie
Scott Enloe
Justine Enochs
Judy Erwin
Jan Feldman
Karen Fidler
Donna Fleck
Joe Flynn

Anthony Forchielli
Elizabeth Foster
Virginia Fowler
Bonni Fredrick
Jane Fries
Daniel McEnerney & Melissa Matarrese
Ron Gad
Phyllis Garay
Katie Gibson
Robert Giordano
Evolve Giving Group
Seamus Gorman
John and Wendy Gossett
Lindsay Graham
Colleen Graham
Maria Gray
John Griffin
Allison Guinan
Elizabeth Hall
Jeanne Hare
Victoria Harp
Robert Hartz
Michele Hendrickson
Kathleen, John and Alana Hickey
Amelia Hook
Agnes Howard
Michelle Idle
Donner Kahl
Virginia Kaperick
Catherine Keane
Krystyna Kiel
Ryan Kiolbassa
Jessica Lagreid
Melissa Larsen
Martina Lee
Susan Levin
Shannon Lohrentz
Annette Lustenberger
Jeanne Manske
Tricia McAdams
Kevin McGirr
Beverly McLaughlin
Megan McLaughlin
Wendy and Mark McNall

Laureen McParlane
Judy McQuoid
Lisa Merdinger
Marilyn Mielke
Dawn and Jim Morrison
Michael Morrison
Susan Neff
Kaylie O’Brien
Robin O’Connor
Connie O’Brien
Meghan Ochoa
Michelle Parry
Barbara Parry
Hailey Parry
Tracy Perez
Eliza Peterson
Kathie Peterson
Therese Plunkett
Jeanine Poparad
Leo Quigley
Dave and Tricia Rahner
Jennifer Ruff
Myra Russell
Nadine Rutledge
Butch and Tina Rybczyk
Ashley Sanks
Lisa Schaffer-Harris
Camielle Slaght
Kathryn Spangler
Whitney Stine
Patricia Swicionis
Ryo Takahashi
Janet Thompson
Rew Van Wyck
James Walter
Megan Williams
Eleanor Wolf
Katie Wright
Kirsten Wrinkle
Bill Yankowski
Liz Youngman
Sally Zale 
Kathleen Zofkie

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